The bits are designed to function for 28 - 32mm wargaming like Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar and Kingdom Death.

If you bought the STLs, you can resize the designs up or down to work for RPG miniatures, or games like Infinity and Malifaux. You can even supersize them for your 75mm+ fantasy or historical figures and collectibles.

With digital purchases you get the following file types:

- All original design STL files unsupported

- Pre-Supported designs, supported individually for Features, and on sprue groupings for Cover and Tuner designs

- Chitubox file for modifying the supports or sprues

-A PDF copy of our digital license agreement

After checkout you will be provided with download links. They will also be emailed to you.

Additionally, you can login to your store account and access the files through your order history.

We are looking to expand the lineup every month!

We have a plan in place to tackle the many problems created by urban environments in the coming months. Stay tuned!

Yes! The quality of entry-level 3D printers can produce fantastic results for hobbyists at a very reasonable price. In combination with our Pre-supported files, printing your bits is as simple as following a few easy steps in a slicer software, and then transferring that sliced file to your printer with a USB drive!

The learning curve is not steep, but the results are incredibly liberating.

For perspective, printing out 100 of our Cover or Tuner bits at their standard size only takes about $1-2 in resin on average!

Visit our YouTube Playlists for video walkthroughs.

These designs are best printed on resin printers such as the ones manufactured by Anycubic, Phrozen, Elegoo etc.

We print on Anycubic Photon S and Mono X.

Reconsider! 3D printing is an amazing upgrade for your hobby, much like airbrushing!

However, we also provide printed resin bits in our store if you just want to buy them pre-made!

While we have used Anycubic Plant Based UV Resin, we prefer the Water Washable Resin by Elegoo or Phrozen for it's ease of use. Not having to work with extra cleaners is nice!


We aren't engineers nor experts so our settings aren't necessarily optimal. They get the job done well enough, however, and we will be working with community feedback to improve as much of the process as possible.

Exposure times can vary depending on the type of resin that is being used, however we normally print our bits at 0.05mm layer height with a 7 second exposure time. We have found that these settings minimize potential print failures, and provide the best compromise between speed of printing and quality of surface details.

The answer is as many or as little as you want! However, to achieve the intended look of Epic Basing, you will need 3-7 bits for your average 32mm base.

By flipping and resizing the designs before printing you create even more variation to prevent the clone look most pre-fab bases tend to have. Add to that the ability to use Tuner's to adjust the size, orientation and mass of a cluster of Covers, and you will never encounter two bases alike!

We usually recommend using between 2 and 3 different types of bits on a standard

Some bits (and models) are larger or smaller than others so it really depends on the amount of available space.

You can be sure that you will be printing out each bit over and over again as you replenish your supply!

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