Learn how to paint Epic jungle basing bits for any of your wargaming miniatures, display miniatures or hobby projects! 


Watch as our friend and fellow creator Jose Davinci takes you through the process he uses to produce beautifully contrasted painting and start getting the most out of your Epic Basing bits!


A list of Epic Basing bits and other hobby materials used in the video:

  • Bog Myrtle Bushes (Resin & Digital)
  • Grass Tufts (Resin & Digital)
  • Epoxy Putty (Magic Sculpt, Aves Apoxie Sculpt, Milliput)
  • Texture Paint (Ammo by MIG, AK Interactive, Vallejo etc)


While Jose used some of our Swamp basing bits, you can see how easy it is to use colour and context to deliver a totally different feeling!  

And better yet, when he drops on that equally gorgeous miniature from OnePageRules you can see how everything works together perfectly!

 Epic Basing Jungle bitsone page rules miniature with Epic Basing front viewone page rules miniature with Epic Basing side viewone page rules miniature with Epic Basing back view