Custom Printed Packs (By Request Only)

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Custom Resin Models: Plants & Fungus

Looking for some of our STLs in resin and can't find them? Need something in a different size/scale?

Our Epic Basing custom print service can tackle that for you! 

Step 1
Contact customer support with custom request, provide an outline of intended use and sizing if necessary so they can assist you in determining the best options.

Step 2
Make sure you already have an account on the shop and be ready to provide a list of all products to be included in your order, all custom and normal packs included.

Step 3
Customer support will create a draft order and email you an invoice to check out.

Step 4
Checkout as normal - Success!

Delivery & Fulfillment Time
Custom orders take longer to fulfill than normal and may delay your order by a few days.

*When requesting reduced scale (~6-10mm) not all parts will be possible in true scale, and orders may take up to a week or more if the designs have never been tested at this size. Troubleshooting may be necessary. 

Resin Safety

Epic Basing basing bits are made from 3D printed resins that may be harmful if ingested. Take normal precautions while handling the resin pieces and avoid contact with your mouth and eyes. After handling, wash hands with mild soap and water.

These packs contain small and sharp parts and are recommended for ages 13+.

Material feels soft and rubbery like an elastic band and is noticeably flexible on smaller finer parts. Rubbery texture may feel tacky on larger surface area pieces.

Resin may have a smelly odor upon unpackaging that should fade quickly when left exposed to air.

Preparation & Storage

Resin pieces are provided fully washed and cured with most supports removed making them almost ready to paint right out of the pack.

Simply inspect the pieces for small detail supports that look like little sticks often over gaps. They can be easily removed with the tip of a hobby knife.

It is recommended to prime the pieces before painting. Primers, paints and any varnishes can all provide layered protection.

Store pieces in containers out of direct sunlight to prevent resin degradation that increases brittleness.

Custom Printed Packs (By Request Only)

Regular price $11.49 USD
Regular price Sale price $11.49 USD