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Epic FAQs

Quick answers to common questions!

Haven't received a reply?

Typos, alternate email auto -fill, email filters and more can get in the way of quick communication.

If you haven't heard from us try the following:

  1. Make sure you're not using a work or school email, some will block e-commerce emails.
  2. Check your browser settings for auto-fill & passwords to delete old and erroneous emails.
  3. Check your spam, promotions and other folders.
  4. Type "Epic Basing" in your email search bar to reveal any emails. 
  5. Re-submit your request, double checking the email entered is correct.
  6. If all fails the email gods are against us! Try to contact us on Instagram or Facebook

Where's my STL Download?

All download links are sent via email and will also appear on your account on our website.

If you create an account after ordering, as long as you use the same email they should appear.

The most common reasons for missing download emails are:

  • Incorrect/error in email
  • You used an alternate email when ordering
  • Landed in Spam/Promotions

If after checking these you still can't locate the files or login, contact us and we will figure it out together.

Commercial Printing Licenses

We do not currently offer commercial printing licenses and do not anticipate making them available in the foreseeable future.

Events & Classes

We may take a few days to review your request. Please include:

  • Event date,
  • Location(country)
  • Games or activities
  • and expected number of attendees.

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